A Reply to an Intruding SB (Sean) Alger

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A Reply to an Intruding SB (Sean) Alger

Thus things not to be confused regarding Tracy R. Twyman and her Valuable Work
With those who are misrepresenting her times, nor do belong to our circle spiritually



Ay, in the catalogue ye go for men;
As hounds and greyhounds, mongrels, spaniels, curs,
Shoughs, water-rugs and demi-wolves, are clept
All by the name of dogs: the valued file
Distinguishes the swift, the slow, the subtle,
The housekeeper, the hunter, every one
According to the gift which bounteous nature
Hath in him closed; whereby he does receive
Particular addition. from the bill
That writes them all alike: and so of men.



Tracy was far more evolved than most of the many.  Tracy was the best human you can meet in a lifetime.  There was that grace, that grace of her knowledge that is of the Divine, no doubt.  And if you were subtle enough, that is more evolved toward the Unknown, the Light, you would have seen it, and you would have known it.  It is not just a matter of intelligence or genius; there is the Divine that you have to see in the few.

Then you do come, and out of the inherit spite in all religions that you are not conscious of, you are not supposed to, and critique Tracy with insults utilizing words such as “convert”, “my calling”, etcetera. And then jump into that childish mummeries and dualism of “Christ” and “the Devil”.  What do you know about Satanism?  What do you know about Magic?  What do you know about Mysticism?  Or the Occult?  Or the Esoteric?  Nor you know the roots of the religion you claim to follow, Sean.

You are not a metaphysician neither.  You were not born into it. To be clear, you are not one of us.

Speak not of things that are not your karma yet; and when you were exposed to it, you denied it.  It is not your area yet.  We know Ourselves.  You do not.  And that deprives you from seeing the Divine as we do.  We see in many ways beyond your imagination; see in everything.  As you judge, ye shall be judged.

And the person that you sought to “convert” and “save her soul”, was already in not a fully comprehending mental state.  The time Tracy had you to co-work with her, she was trying and fighting to preserve the last reminiscence of sanity by continuing what was the most important to her, Tracy’s Work and Writings; which like a serpent with your venom, you did strive to undermine, in the name of folly.  Despised are your thoughts.

It is not of the norm, to have fanatics invited into the realm of the Living.  Because we do not invite the lesser “in His Image” to sit with us.  We do not “dabble”, we do create.

You are not in a position, nor any entity, to point to the other where the deity is at. Your truths and delusions are yours only, tailored for you only, nor we tolerate these resentments of the self righteous.  No one knows, The Naught knows. But no, you have to spread an illness of the soul to those are within your sight, and endeavor to lobotomize who are feeble and invalid, and Lo! a victory in the name of whatever you call as truths. Oblivious.  Your type we have seen in every era we were involved in, and we have resisted your kind when they were at the seat of authority; it reminds us how repulsive is the ignoble.  We are canonized as Saints and martyrs, when our ‘heretic’ presence permeates generations to come, your sapless dogma embraces us when they cannot oppress the light we brought forth with us and with a price we paid for; and the same soulless doctrine and non sense, is kept alive by feeding from our truths.  Of course, no Saints you shall take, it would be an act against “God”.

We are not of the cult thinking like yourself, nor fanatics can be made out of us. We do not follow, we are followed.

The non sense you have writ, is what to be expected from the non initiate and from the feeble minded in regards to our world.  I shall say no more, each line you dotted is fit to be mocked, and swift such is in the mind.


And besides that, you were not hired by Tracy Twyman’s estate to represent her in public.  Do refrain from being an imbecile intruding spokesman.  You are not in any position to give any public statements about Tracy R. Twyman.

Do refrain from distributing copyrighted materials of her estate, and offer them for download through your website without the permission nor consent of her estate.





In Reply to: On TRACY TWYMAN and the Dangers of Falling Under the Condemnation of Satanic Overseers



 Sean Alger on July 19, 2019 at 10:29 am said:

Your article is accurate about Tracy in her younger years… but as she aged and realized her danger, she repented… Even confessed to conversion on one of our weekly episodes (she was a close friend and contributor). …she was silently blackballed by much of the ‘occult media’ because they realize she was no longer ‘one of them’. It wrings my heart like a towel to see your judgement and opinions of my friend be so skewed and misinformed… Especially at this critical time of her likely murder.

Please consider that you’ve only got the 1st half and not the 2nd, which was a subtle but genuine repentance, a prayerful reliance on God, and we all witnessed in horror as she was struck down in our midst, just as she started to stand firm in her faith and cast off doubt!

It’s fair to warn people about occult dangers… But it’s just as fair to warn people of the trap of indignation in their churches and hypocrisy in depths of their bosoms!

God bless you as you learn a more full truth.


Sean Alger on July 20, 2019 at 1:07 pm said:

I’ll be brief here, and eventually try to make a coherent post on my blog or elsewhere…

Tracy was stuck in between many “Christians” and “satanists” because of her work. As far as I know she never made a public statement of faith–but–per our private conversations she certainly prayed… Had intentions of taking her son to local church services (not sure if they ever made it), …explained in her clock-shavings book (or other work, can’t be positive as i’m going from memory), that she’d realized the Ouija work w/ Baphomet was keeping her locked into ‘it’s work’ and repented of it… she dissolved her created order. Her writings show that she was naive in going along… She was caught up in the ‘dark fun of it all’ and when she realized it wasn’t a joke… She stopped.

She did continue to use the Ouija board occasionally… Her last time was when she tried to contact Prince after his death.

She described her one work of fiction as an ‘inspired work’ not too different from ‘automatic writing’ but also NOT just automatic writing.

She was raised as a christian and it was the ‘satanic panic’ of the 80s-90s that fired her up to take the path she did. Because she was what we’d now call “Goth/depressive” she felt personally attacked and misunderstood when the satanic panic thing was in full swing.

I’m not sure which episode of our show she said she’d “felt like she was saved by Jesus”, it’s too hard for me to search my own archives right now. I don’t want to just sit and cry to make a point. The vibe of the whole show changed…

[ I’ve made many public professions of my faith in Jesus (even if it’s now with a Gnostic bent or curiosity–much different to any “church” or even canonical [bible only] type teachings)…]

One of those times when I’d reiterated my own faith… She’d agreed essentially that Christ was the only way and that she’d felt saved by her faith. After that the show felt ‘lighter’ and I would call it “the Holy Spirit working through us”… I’ll find it eventually and extrapolate.

I’d just like to see people realize that she wasn’t a “will too power” type. She was humble and scared and confused by the power she was granted to see and explore these things.

In her reaching and experiments she’d found God again somehow. She wasn’t talking about it (probably for fear that her fan base would leave her and she’d be dead broke).

I might have said too much here… But I’m in a position to make a statement… Sorry if it’s scattered and incomplete. One day I’ll compose this as a fair explanation of what I witnessed and:

“It was something I was called too do”

The spirit of God pressed me to reach out and be close to Tracy… And it worked. It’s like our path got interrupted—almost restarted–and then we lost her.

To anyone reading this initial post… Please. Do heed the warning of not delving into the occult. Especially don’t do it in a curious or lighthearted way! It’s true that these powers are real–and strong–and many get tangled into them and suffer or fail to survive.

Nonetheless… Tracy realized her error and had started the process of repenting a good chunk of her old practices…

None of us know the true will of God or how God works. It is my belief that Tracy had made good with God. She knew it. God Knew it. There was much to be done yet… And then she was taken from us.




thanks crypto for the links about israel and guns etc… haven’t looked yet but i will.




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